Saturday, 31 January 2015

Java Assessment test

Today I had a first post assessment test. There are two parts of this test.
1. objective test (mcq)
2. program (2 que)

Totally 32 questions in objective type contains 1,2,3 marks.

Questions contains:

1. Data Structures
2. Java

Questions like:

Consider the following statements. (1 marks)
Statement A: Data Structures enable the creation of reusable code components.
Statement B: Dynamic data structures can grow and shrink at run time to make efficient use of memory.
A. Statement A is true while Statement B is false.
B. Statement A is false while Statement B is true.
C. Both Statement A and Statement B are false.
D. Both Statement A and Statement B are true.

Consider the following code: (2 marks)
public class Example
public static void main(String args[])
String [] direction = {"East","West","North","South"};
What will be the outcome when the preceding code is executed?
A. The code will execute and display South as the output.
B. The code will throw a runtime exception.
C. The code will execute and display North as the output.
D. The code will execute but will not display any output.


  1. Please put the programming questions here.. It will be a great help..

  2. it is an online test. I dont have the question paper with me.

    1. But if you remember that questions(only programming one) you can write here...

  3. Please help yaar... I think you create this blog to share your experience.. So kindly share..

  4. Programming questions were easy only. But all the questions (programming codes) are lengthy. I don't remember those all the line of codes.

  5. I need only those questions in which we have to program..(only questions.. No solution needed)

  6. I didnt finish that programming test. Tomorrow only I'm gonna have that. I just finished my objective type test.