Monday, 22 December 2014

Bank account opening process

Its the first day of my training.

Morning session: Bank Account Opening process (ICICI Bank)

Documents to be submitted for account opening:

1. 2 copy of PAN card xerox
2. one copy of address proof (Driving license/ Aadhar card/ any govt ID card) and also you have to show the original

If you dont have original card for address proof, then they will not process your account. So please carry your original address proof( Driving license/ Aadhar card/ any govt ID card) when you are going for training.

They will help you to fill the application form. So dont worry about that.

After that they will give you the kit which contains check book, ATM card, user guide, and password for ATM card and internet banking.

Thats all about the bank account opening process!!

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  1. i dont have pan card, wat should i do ?

  2. Dont worry. Keep your original govt ID proof with you at the time of this process.