Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Java or .Net

Totally we have 68 members in our training center. They split us into 2 batchs.

And one batch is going to attend the training in Java technology.

Other batch is .Net batch

If you want to change your technology for the training, you can ask your trainer and change.

For first 30 days, they will cover the basics of the particular technologies.

           -- General concepts

           -- Related to your Technology

           -- Database for your Technology

After these 30 days we will have a 2 assessment tests. We will have to score more than 65%.

After 30 days.

          -- Advanced concepts in your technology
          -- Working with tools
          -- UI
          -- Project development

After these days we will have 3 assessment tests. We will have to score more than 65%

If you performed will in all the assessments, you will be considered for the interview.

You got doubts!!!

I have informations...

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  1. hi,

    now presently they are not taking any more applications for this progm,. is there any possibility that they will take any more applicants this year for 2014 batchs

  2. what is the process to join ....?

  3. Application window is currently closed and Infosys will not be able to take in any more applications at present.

    If you've applied already, then you will get a call letter.

  4. Will they give the training .net and java..?? or Is there is a option of getting any other technology..??

  5. The major technology is these two only. Database technology will be included.

  6. is der any way fr 2014 batchew to apply?if so wts d procedure pls tel us

  7. Currently Infosys is not taking any applications.

  8. what about dress code and timings?

  9. Are there only 68 students in ur center??

  10. Timing for me is 9.30am to 6.30pm and monday to thursday formals and friday and saturday casuals

  11. totally there are 300 candidates in bangalore for the same batch. In my training center there are 68 only

  12. I'm a non cs/it student so, please help me in things to be known prior to infosys training.
    **\\ i know only basic c help me in that angle \\**

  13. They're going to give you a training in either java or .Net. So choose one technology and prepare the basics. Many of them from my batch are ECE students. So thats not a problem.

  14. After the training completes is there any chance to get place in infosys , is there any opportunity to get interview in infosys or any other company????????
    Is pre assessment reflects?????

  15. on what basis they are splitting the batches and technologies??????

  16. I'm not sure about what they are going to do to us after the training. I got the info like they will consider us based on the performance of the assessment results.

  17. Simply they just split the batches and informed us. Its completely Infosys choice. We cant do anything for that. If you want change the batch, you can ask the training team.

  18. hi... can u share about generics assesment details like no of question,type of question,level of question time etc??

  19. http://infosyssparkit.blogspot.in/2014/12/spark-it-pre-assesment-test.html

  20. I wil hve the genereic assessment test only on this month end.