Monday, 22 December 2014

Training #1

First day:

My training started from afternoon session only. Bcoz I had a bank account opening process.

They asked us to provide the details like ID, Name, Email, Mobile No to create a login ID for the training.

We are gonna use this ID in the future session.

After that, one trainer showed up and give us a introduction about the training period.

We will have a pre assessment test on the next day.

Based on the test result, they will split batches.

After that they just gave us an activity to interact with everyone from the batch. It was really fun and entertainment.

Later, they gave us short notes about OOPS concept.

Thats all for the first day...

My training ends on 6.30 Pm

In between the training period, you will have a two 20 minutes break and 1 hour for lunch break.

Thats all for the first day...

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