Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Basic classes!!

Before joining into the Spark training, just go through the OS concepts, Algorithms and difference between the various programming languages.

It will be helpful at the first day of the training.

At first they will start from OS concepts and then only they will move to the programming languages.

Today I had a class on generics.

My trainer asked us to develop some programs on C to check our skills and to check how we are implementing logic's in the the program.

The questions are like:

Input: This is  test                   sample                       one!!
Output: This0is01test01234567sample0123456789012one!!

(the spaces should be filled from the numbers 0 to 9. If the number exceeds 9 then it starts from 0 again.)----- TRY IT YOURSELF

2). Input :  This is sample
     Output:   sihT si elpmas  (Not entire string reverse)

(every word should be in reverse. But not reverse the entire string. reverse each word)
-----------TRY IT YOURSELF

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