Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Why .Net is widely used ?

.Net is language independent. If you are a C++ developer or VB developer or C# developer or F# developer you can easily work in .Net.

.Net framework provides you a lot of library files for easy use and we can develop the application faster than developing in Java.

.Net technology has  a tool called VISUAL STUDIO to  develop the front end designs which makes us to finish our work faster and easier.

We dont need to code for the UI designs.

To use the .Net application in other platform, we can go for the web application

There are many .Net languages are available like c#.Net, VB.Net, f#.Net. C++.Net, python.Net, Ruby.Net etc...

Thats why .Net is widely used!!


  1. Wats the possibility of getting job in infy after this training???, bcoz i am also undergoing training

  2. I'm not sure about this. Some staffs said like they will consider us based on the performance of assessment tests scores.